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Make A Chicken Coop

Want to make a chicken coop but worried that it may be too difficult? Building your own chicken coop can be cost effective and fun. If you’re still living in the city (or within town limits) it is important to first check with officials regarding land use and specific zoning regulations. With that out of […]

Using A Bee Keeper’s Equipment (Clothing)

One of the most important pieces of clothing a beekeeper wears is the veil during collection of honey and while working with the skeps. Bee stings on the face can be very painful and there is the possibility of damage to the eyes and ears. If by chance a bee gets inside the veil, walk […]

Backyard Portable Chicken Coops

Portable chicken coops boast many advantages for new or aspiring chicken farmers. The advantages include free fertilizer, pest control and best of all fresh eggs. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a large farm or several acres to devote to your chickens. There are many designs that can fit easily into your backyard even […]

Help With Bee Keeping: Past the Hive Smoker

A beekeeper must keep the bees in control every time the hive is open. A typical hive can house thousands of workers all capable of stinging. There are measures a beekeeper can take in the open that he can not take in the city because of the closeness of other people. Using A Bee Keeper’s […]