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Buy and Train A Horse

I have been stunned and shocked in the last few years to the point of tears on what the North American recession (United States and Canada) have done to the value of horses. The crying part is over how many horses have been abandoned. How many horses are ending up at the sale barns. Good […]

Should You Build or Buy A Small Chicken Coop?

The practice of using a small coop rather than a large one is becoming more popular. There are several reasons why these coops are gaining in popularity. One reason is because hectic, busy lifestyles are better suited for small chicken coops. Another is that the average family is shrinking in size. No longer do we […]

Make A Chicken Coop

Want to make a chicken coop but worried that it may be too difficult? Building your own chicken coop can be cost effective and fun. If you’re still living in the city (or within town limits) it is important to first check with officials regarding land use and specific zoning regulations. With that out of […]

The Meet Up – Raising Goats on A Farm

She came into the ring, her babe at her side, looking just a little nervous, but very bright and attentive. Her coat was shiny and her eyes were bright, the baby at her side about a week old. They started the bidding and I thought, “I’ll just watch, I wonder what a goat sells for […]

Raising Chickens

“Hey City Girl, you got a heat lamp for raising those baby chicks?” I wasn’t sure at first he was talking to me, that old farmer who’d just sold me 20 day old chickens, and whom I was walking away from… "A heat lamp for raising chickens? You mean I can’t just…" That’s how it […]

Instructions on Building A Coop For Free

Free chicken coop instructions that you may search for online aren’t always the most helpful. Rather than download a free plan, spend money on nails, lumber and supplies to build that coop, only to find out later that the plans were garbage or hard to follow, consider these free style coop ideas instead. Have you […]