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Coop Sickness

Although I have had great success with my chickens in the past there are many illnesses that your flock can become infected with. Honestly and with all sincerity I can say that if you start out with healthy birds from a quality source and keep your coop clean and your chickens without stress, never introducing […]

Why Should You Raise A Flock of Chickens?

If you’re thinking of raising some chickens, but you’re not 100% committed to the idea yet, this may help you over the edge and into the coop. Raising chickens is a rewarding and fun hobby – most of the time. You’ll have fresh eggs on hand – most of the time. You can raise chickens […]

Where to Buy Chickens

Have you been thinking about raising chickens and now you need to find a place to buy grown chickens, roosters, or eggs to hatch in a chicken incubator? The hatcheries listed can be sourced online or by state using the phone numbers or websites listed. In Canada, and perhaps in America as well, the easiest […]

Backyard Portable Chicken Coops

Portable chicken coops boast many advantages for new or aspiring chicken farmers. The advantages include free fertilizer, pest control and best of all fresh eggs. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a large farm or several acres to devote to your chickens. There are many designs that can fit easily into your backyard even […]

Coop Design Considerations

Browsing through some of the information I’ve shared in the past on chicken coop design and builds, I remembered a few more items that may help you in building a chicken coop. You want to be armed with as much information as possible before building one to ensure it lasts a long time, protects your […]