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Buying and Raising Meat Goats

I am not from this website, but am a goat rancher up north of Napa (2 hours north of the Bay Area). You can visit our YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/SnowRanchCA. Just doing some rainy day web research on goats and updating our plans for the next year today when I stumbled upon your website. We’ve […]

The Meet Up – Raising Goats on A Farm

She came into the ring, her babe at her side, looking just a little nervous, but very bright and attentive. Her coat was shiny and her eyes were bright, the baby at her side about a week old. They started the bidding and I thought, “I’ll just watch, I wonder what a goat sells for […]

Raising Animals On A Farm

So, you’ve decided to say adios and goodbye to life in the city and move to a country farm where you can live off the land. It’s a great plan for your health, longevity, budget, family life, spiritual growth and peace of mind. Of course farm life won’t support most of us. Some of us […]

Weighing and Medicating Goats

Never Guess Your Goat’s Weight Medicating a goat isn’t a carnival trick. If you think you can guess how much a goat weighs just by comparing them in size to a member of your family – think again! Goat Health and Medications I can’t stress enough the importance of determining accurate weight before medicating an […]

Goats by Auction!

A Goat? What Was I Thinking? Introduction: I’d seen goats on television, read a little about them in books, but I truly had no idea what having a goat of my own would be like. Until Momma Goat and her small goat kid came to live with us. From that point on, everything changed… Six […]

Raising and Keeping Goats

"There are many considerations to make before purchasing your first goat. I am speaking from experience as I tend to jump from the plane, then look for the parachute! This article contains the facts I have learned since the purchase of my first goat Honey at an auction. — Marianna, Serenity Lane What You Need […]