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How to Build a Chicken Coop

Thinking of building your own chicken coop? We did it in a little over a weekend, but it took three adult men, 2 helpers, a lot of steel roofing and timber, 1/2 box of nails, even more screws and (thankfully) some great weather while we were building. I might as well tell you up front […]

Instructions on Building A Coop For Free

Free chicken coop instructions that you may search for online aren’t always the most helpful. Rather than download a free plan, spend money on nails, lumber and supplies to build that coop, only to find out later that the plans were garbage or hard to follow, consider these free style coop ideas instead. Have you […]

Coop Accessories

If you’ll be keeping laying hens in your chicken coop you’ll need a few more accessories than if you were raising meat birds. Meat birds don’t need nesting boxes, supplementary feeders or perches, but here is the list of the most basic requirements for your hens. Chicken Feeders A good chicken feeder in your coop […]

Backyard Portable Chicken Coops

Portable chicken coops boast many advantages for new or aspiring chicken farmers. The advantages include free fertilizer, pest control and best of all fresh eggs. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a large farm or several acres to devote to your chickens. There are many designs that can fit easily into your backyard even […]