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Dog Parasites: Fleas and Heart Worm

We’ve battled them in both lifestyles – the concrete jungles as well as the forest surrounded fields. For years they seem to disappear from our lives, only to return again whenever a new dog enters into our lives or a stray cat is brought home. They’re fleas, ticks, and internal parasites and they’re sickening when […]

Feed Your Dog for Health and Longevity

A family that we were close to, and as a result considered their pets as our own, lost their treasured black lab this past winter – to cancer, a likely result of low quality dog food. He was a sweet old guy that was loved by all. A few years back he started to develop […]

How to Give A Cat Medications (pills)

Need to give your kitty a pill and having troubles? Don’t fret! Many others have the same problem – valuable tips are below. A friend of mine recently adopted a young cat that had been left abandoned on the roadside. The lovely ladies who assist with adoptions (over 2,000 homeless cats found new and loving […]