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Chicken Incubator

Now is the time to pull out and check your chicken incubator for spring chicks. Here in Canada I store mine through the winter in its original box and pull it out again in March – right before I begin saving or shopping for fertilized eggs. If you don’t own own there is no better […]

Hatching Chicks In An Incubator

Spring is in the air and the poultry incubators on GoodByeCityLife are in full swing! We started hatching chicks at this time years ago from our best hens and our flock is still strong. If you’re planning on incubating a few of your own from your existing flock this year, start now and they’ll be […]

Why Should You Raise A Flock of Chickens?

If you’re thinking of raising some chickens, but you’re not 100% committed to the idea yet, this may help you over the edge and into the coop. Raising chickens is a rewarding and fun hobby – most of the time. You’ll have fresh eggs on hand – most of the time. You can raise chickens […]

Buy Hatching Eggs and Incubators Cheap

If you don’t find the incubator you like today, visit again tomorrow. After all, this website is all about living in the country so we keep our listings up to date at all times. You’ll find new incubators every day at the Country Store! Below are links to the Country Store on GoodByeCityLife. This is […]

Incubator Tips – Chicken and Poultry Tips

If you’re thinking about hatching some of those extra eggs and don’t have a broody hen you can always try an egg incubator. If money is tight, find a used incubator (see some below) or grab one of the incubator specials listed at left. Beware of the very cheap incubators from other sources as they […]

Buying Eggs to Hatch in Your Incubator

You could hit any country auction house or livestock sale barn and pick yourself up a bantam hen to hatch any variety of eggs for you (some hens have even roosted on golf balls to try to hatch them!). Better yet, get an incubator to hatch out an endless supply of chicks, ducks and turkeys […]