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Buying and Raising Meat Goats

I am not from this website, but am a goat rancher up north of Napa (2 hours north of the Bay Area). You can visit our YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/SnowRanchCA. Just doing some rainy day web research on goats and updating our plans for the next year today when I stumbled upon your website. We’ve […]

Ensuring Pig Manure Doesn’t Contaminate

Last night I received an email from a thoughtful reader. She’s considering raising a few pigs this spring but is somewhat concerned about all that manure. Although we all know that manure is invaluable to any farmer or gardener, pig manure has qualities that we need to be mindful of – and I’m not just […]

Buy and Train A Horse

I have been stunned and shocked in the last few years to the point of tears on what the North American recession (United States and Canada) have done to the value of horses. The crying part is over how many horses have been abandoned. How many horses are ending up at the sale barns. Good […]

A Horse With No Name?

2004’s "Name The Filly Contest!" is over but… Veronica’s newest filly girl – a chocolate and white paint horse, born May 19, 2004 and without a name! This horse was field-born, but she exhibits no shyness at 4 months of age – you’d think she’d been imprinted at birth! As much as I loved her […]

Raising Animals On A Farm

So, you’ve decided to say adios and goodbye to life in the city and move to a country farm where you can live off the land. It’s a great plan for your health, longevity, budget, family life, spiritual growth and peace of mind. Of course farm life won’t support most of us. Some of us […]