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Hatching Chicks In An Incubator

Spring is in the air and the poultry incubators on GoodByeCityLife are in full swing! We started hatching chicks at this time years ago from our best hens and our flock is still strong. If you’re planning on incubating a few of your own from your existing flock this year, start now and they’ll be […]

Building A Chicken Coop, the Easy Way

There are thousands of coop plans, designs and ideas for different buildings people the world over use for housing chickens. They range from elaborate two story structures right on down to a small doghouse type dwelling surrounded by a few feet of chicken wire. Before you invest a lot of money and time setting up […]

Buy Hatching Eggs and Incubators Cheap

If you don’t find the incubator you like today, visit again tomorrow. After all, this website is all about living in the country so we keep our listings up to date at all times. You’ll find new incubators every day at the Country Store! Below are links to the Country Store on GoodByeCityLife. This is […]

Buying Eggs to Hatch in Your Incubator

You could hit any country auction house or livestock sale barn and pick yourself up a bantam hen to hatch any variety of eggs for you (some hens have even roosted on golf balls to try to hatch them!). Better yet, get an incubator to hatch out an endless supply of chicks, ducks and turkeys […]