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Coop Sickness

Although I have had great success with my chickens in the past there are many illnesses that your flock can become infected with. Honestly and with all sincerity I can say that if you start out with healthy birds from a quality source and keep your coop clean and your chickens without stress, never introducing […]

Taking Care of Young Chicks

Whether you have bought or hatched chickens you’ll need to take specialized care of them until they are at least 4 weeks of age. Once your chickens have hatched, been removed from the incubator and are under the heat lamp you’ll be able to watch them grow with less worry and supervision. As they grow, […]

New on Raising Pigs

Watched the news lately? Specifically the news about chemical and medication residue left in the meat we buy at the grocery store? Although most news stories have focused on the obscene feeding practices of cattle and the horrendous living conditions for poultry, I’ll hazard a guess that a large percentage of North American pigs are […]

Raising Animals On A Farm

So, you’ve decided to say adios and goodbye to life in the city and move to a country farm where you can live off the land. It’s a great plan for your health, longevity, budget, family life, spiritual growth and peace of mind. Of course farm life won’t support most of us. Some of us […]

Goats by Auction!

A Goat? What Was I Thinking? Introduction: I’d seen goats on television, read a little about them in books, but I truly had no idea what having a goat of my own would be like. Until Momma Goat and her small goat kid came to live with us. From that point on, everything changed… Six […]

The Chicken Coop

The simplest coop to build is a square building with one roof and two doors – one for you and one for the chickens. Make the coop tall enough that you can stand easily for chores throughout the year. Make it large enough for the quantity of chickens you desire, plus room to add a […]