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Your Dog’s Food Source

Raw egg, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, quail are the most preferred ingredients in case of dog diets that are prepared fresh and in-house. Taurine is one of the essential ingredients for a dog’s nutrition. Similarily the vitamin thiamine needs to be supplemented as an ingredient.

How to Build a Chicken Coop

Thinking of building your own chicken coop? We did it in a little over a weekend, but it took three adult men, 2 helpers, a lot of steel roofing and timber, 1/2 box of nails, even more screws and (thankfully) some great weather while we were building. I might as well tell you up front […]

Bee Enemies for the Novice

Domestic bees are exposed to many hardships and many dangers. Winds and storms can prove as disastrous to a colony as other wildlife – large and small. Black spiders lie in wait for them in the plants they frequent. Once, as I was looking for a bee amid some goldenrod, I spied a gruesome scene […]

Should You Build or Buy A Small Chicken Coop?

The practice of using a small coop rather than a large one is becoming more popular. There are several reasons why these coops are gaining in popularity. One reason is because hectic, busy lifestyles are better suited for small chicken coops. Another is that the average family is shrinking in size. No longer do we […]

Tags, Tattoos and Micro-Chips

Some form of pet identification is a necessity these days due to licensing needs, laws and bylaws across the United States and Canada – but it is also a way to protect yourself from ever losing your dog permanently. Licensing originally began as a way to reduce the numbers of the stray dog menaces in […]

Pet and Livestock Vaccinations

I know this is a sensitive topic for some, so I’ll try to stay in between the lines and not place any of my own beliefs around vaccinations for pets and livestock into this article. Everyone should make their own minds, and will need to live with the consequences behind vaccinating or not vaccinating their […]