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Feed Your Dog for Health and Longevity

A family that we were close to, and as a result considered their pets as our own, lost their treasured black lab this past winter – to cancer, a likely result of low quality dog food. He was a sweet old guy that was loved by all. A few years back he started to develop […]

Country Living With Dogs

How we love our dogs! And with good reason… Favorite Farm Dogs Many dogs are suitable for farm life, but the most common are the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeds. These dogs have been chosen for their herding capabilities, their dedication to their owner and property, and their ability to learn quickly. They don’t […]

Feeding Your Country Dog

Country dogs are known for eating table scraps and leftovers – more than dogs in other regions – even against reason and research that this is not always best for our pets. Dogs dietary needs change throughout the life of an animal – age, general health, and activity level are all factors that should be […]

Feeding and Raising Chickens

Commercial feeds are available to suit each changing need of your chickens. Your choices will be mash, crumbles, and pellets. Mash is powdery, pellets are compressed mash, and crumbles are broken up pellets. Mash is often wasted by larger birds, not even required for chicks who easily eat crumbles. Pellets are perfect for chickens. All […]