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Chicken Incubator

Now is the time to pull out and check your chicken incubator for spring chicks. Here in Canada I store mine through the winter in its original box and pull it out again in March – right before I begin saving or shopping for fertilized eggs. If you don’t own own there is no better […]

Make A Chicken Coop

Want to make a chicken coop but worried that it may be too difficult? Building your own chicken coop can be cost effective and fun. If you’re still living in the city (or within town limits) it is important to first check with officials regarding land use and specific zoning regulations. With that out of […]

Protecting Your Chickens From Predators

Aside from deciding on a coop design, size and the materials you will use to build housing for your chickens, you’ll also need to protect your coop from chicken predators. Protected from the weather as well as predators. First you’ll need to determine which natural chicken predators are potentially a problem in your region. This […]

Buying Eggs to Hatch in Your Incubator

You could hit any country auction house or livestock sale barn and pick yourself up a bantam hen to hatch any variety of eggs for you (some hens have even roosted on golf balls to try to hatch them!). Better yet, get an incubator to hatch out an endless supply of chicks, ducks and turkeys […]

Egg Incubators for Poultry

Chickens, Geese, Guinea Hens and Ducks Incubating and hatching eggs is an exercise in patience and care that is rewarding and exciting for adults as well as children. We’ve hatched out geese, guinea fowl, chickens, and ducks here on the farm with very few troubles in the process – except for the guineas! The guinea […]

Coop Design Considerations

Browsing through some of the information I’ve shared in the past on chicken coop design and builds, I remembered a few more items that may help you in building a chicken coop. You want to be armed with as much information as possible before building one to ensure it lasts a long time, protects your […]