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Hatching Quail Eggs

Today’s post is about hatching quail eggs. Recently I’ve been receiving requests to discuss more on the process of incubating eggs and the various types of birds you can raise on a small farm whether it be for profit or for pleasure. In later posts I’ll discuss raising quail. As quail come in many different […]

Chicken Incubator

Now is the time to pull out and check your chicken incubator for spring chicks. Here in Canada I store mine through the winter in its original box and pull it out again in March – right before I begin saving or shopping for fertilized eggs. If you don’t own own there is no better […]

Buy Hatching Eggs and Incubators Cheap

If you don’t find the incubator you like today, visit again tomorrow. After all, this website is all about living in the country so we keep our listings up to date at all times. You’ll find new incubators every day at the Country Store! Below are links to the Country Store on GoodByeCityLife. This is […]

Chicken Breeds Listing

If you’re wondering how diverse chickens can be, or how many breeds there are to choose from, then take a look at the extensive list below! You’ll find a chicken breed list of every type, with a wide variety of plumage, sizes and even colored eggs! Chickens are generally classed in four categories: meat birds, […]