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Coop Sickness

Although I have had great success with my chickens in the past there are many illnesses that your flock can become infected with. Honestly and with all sincerity I can say that if you start out with healthy birds from a quality source and keep your coop clean and your chickens without stress, never introducing […]

Building A Chicken Coop, the Easy Way

There are thousands of coop plans, designs and ideas for different buildings people the world over use for housing chickens. They range from elaborate two story structures right on down to a small doghouse type dwelling surrounded by a few feet of chicken wire. Before you invest a lot of money and time setting up […]

Protecting Your Chickens From Predators

Aside from deciding on a coop design, size and the materials you will use to build housing for your chickens, you’ll also need to protect your coop from chicken predators. Protected from the weather as well as predators. First you’ll need to determine which natural chicken predators are potentially a problem in your region. This […]

Building A Chicken Coop

My short article on building coops that are on the small size to raise chickens in yesterday stirred quite a few questions, so I’ll try to elaborate on the difference between stationary coops and mobile chicken coops to help you make your decision on which to build. Building Coops: First Decision, Mobile Or Fixed? A […]

Chicken Tractors and Arks

Rather than build a large coop for your flock of chickens, consider the growing trend of building smaller, portable coops – dubbed chicken tractor and chicken ark. These smaller coops aren’t just for city folk hoping to keep a few contained chickens in their backyard – country folk with acres of land are also using […]

Raising Chickens

“Hey City Girl, you got a heat lamp for raising those baby chicks?” I wasn’t sure at first he was talking to me, that old farmer who’d just sold me 20 day old chickens, and whom I was walking away from… "A heat lamp for raising chickens? You mean I can’t just…" That’s how it […]