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Feeding Cows

Approximately 70-75% of the cost of raising cattle goes directly to feed. Before considering how and what to feed cows or cattle it is important to understand the animal’s digestive system. Cows have a ruminant digestive system which means their stomach is actually made up of four parts. Ruminant micro-organisms in the first three parts […]

Cattle Housing and Needs

Do you need to know about cattle housing? Keeping cattle on a small farm requires very little in the way of weather protection and housing. Even in extreme weather conditions cattle will manage outside through most of it. The most popular method is to allow cattle an open-air pole barn or shelter. Should you choose […]

Buy A Cow or Calf

Would you like to buy a cow or calf for your family’s needs or are you thinking of buying a full blown herd operation? It all starts with your first purchase! You can find good cattle sources for purchase of either registered and crossbred in your own region. It is best to buy from long […]

Raising A Small Herd of Cattle

Who knows? It might be fun raising a small herd of cattle – and really, it isn’t that demanding of your time. If you have a few acres or own a small hobby farm – even if you are farming another animal type or agricultural endeavor – you can easily add a few head of […]

How to Raise A Cow

GoodByeCityLife’s newest book on raising beef. This digital ebook was written and edited by GoodByeCityLife’s author and editors to assist more people in understanding how easily and affordably they can take back the responsibility of feeding their family with a healthy alternative to feedlot cattle and commercially controlled dairy products. You can raise your own […]

Raising Pigs – Barn Yard Beauties

We like to raise our pigs out in the barn yard. They can root around in the grass, splash about in the spring mud and tuck themselves out of the mid-day sun under the shelter we built just for them. Raising Pigs on Pasture When pigs are young, fencing isn’t much of a challenge – […]