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Buying and Raising Meat Goats

I am not from this website, but am a goat rancher up north of Napa (2 hours north of the Bay Area). You can visit our YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/SnowRanchCA. Just doing some rainy day web research on goats and updating our plans for the next year today when I stumbled upon your website. We’ve […]

Building A Chicken Coop

My short article on building coops that are on the small size to raise chickens in yesterday stirred quite a few questions, so I’ll try to elaborate on the difference between stationary coops and mobile chicken coops to help you make your decision on which to build. Building Coops: First Decision, Mobile Or Fixed? A […]

Pet and Livestock Vaccinations

I know this is a sensitive topic for some, so I’ll try to stay in between the lines and not place any of my own beliefs around vaccinations for pets and livestock into this article. Everyone should make their own minds, and will need to live with the consequences behind vaccinating or not vaccinating their […]

Keeping Country Cats Out Of Your Garden

Big problem when you live in the country and your own cat, plus all the neighborhood cats, think of your flower and vegetable gardens as their personal litter box. Especially so if they see you digging there, they’ll wonder why they shouldn’t be as well. Not only can your seeds, seedlings, and perennials become uprooted, […]

Fleas and Worms on the Farm

In the country you may just find fleas to be a serious and ongoing problem for your pets. This can be especially true if you are new to your country home and pets inhabited the property before your purchase. After you have been in your new home for 4-6 months and have rid your pets […]

How to Give A Cat Medications (pills)

Need to give your kitty a pill and having troubles? Don’t fret! Many others have the same problem – valuable tips are below. A friend of mine recently adopted a young cat that had been left abandoned on the roadside. The lovely ladies who assist with adoptions (over 2,000 homeless cats found new and loving […]