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Dog Parasites: Fleas and Heart Worm

We’ve battled them in both lifestyles – the concrete jungles as well as the forest surrounded fields. For years they seem to disappear from our lives, only to return again whenever a new dog enters into our lives or a stray cat is brought home. They’re fleas, ticks, and internal parasites and they’re sickening when […]

Keeping Country Cats Out Of Your Garden

Big problem when you live in the country and your own cat, plus all the neighborhood cats, think of your flower and vegetable gardens as their personal litter box. Especially so if they see you digging there, they’ll wonder why they shouldn’t be as well. Not only can your seeds, seedlings, and perennials become uprooted, […]

How to Give A Cat Medications (pills)

Need to give your kitty a pill and having troubles? Don’t fret! Many others have the same problem – valuable tips are below. A friend of mine recently adopted a young cat that had been left abandoned on the roadside. The lovely ladies who assist with adoptions (over 2,000 homeless cats found new and loving […]

Cats in the Country

This website has been here for 10 years. I’ve written about cows, pigs, donkeys, horses and more, but I’ve never written about country cats. Their time has come – should have come long ago, in fact. Barn Cats and House Cats are A Necessity For some people in the country, cats are like a plague. […]

Common Cat Ailments

Any animal you keep – even the domestic cat – has the potential for health issues and the need for preventative maintenance. If you are new to owning a cat, health problems can be expensive and even fatal if left too long. So let’s talk about common problems to watch out for and in future […]