How to Raise A Cow

GoodByeCityLife’s newest book on raising beef.

This digital ebook was written and edited by GoodByeCityLife’s author and editors to assist more people in understanding how easily and affordably they can take back the responsibility of feeding their family with a healthy alternative to feedlot cattle and commercially controlled dairy products. How to Raise A Cow for Beef or Milk

You can raise your own cow – just like in the old days – and have fresh milk on hand practically year round as well as a freezer full of delicious and organic, grass fed beef. You will know precisely what has gone into the food you place on your family table. Free of antibiotics, free of steriods and hormones, free of sickness and disease.

Animals that live happy and healthy lives feed happy and healthy families. It’s that simple.

In this book you’ll learn the differences between the breeds and crossbreds, how to have your milk and beef too with just one purchase and how to find the healthiest most productive cow for your needs. You’ll learn about expected yields, the amount of space and feed required, how to treat raw milk, and care for your cow or cattle.

We wrote this for you. It is the book we wished we’d had before we brought our first cow home, 15 years ago.

Table of Contents

A Brief Introduction to Cows
The Commercially Raised vs. Grass-Fed Beef Debate
The Healthiest Food for Your Family

The Breeds
Choosing A Breed To Raise
Dairy Breeds
Beef Breeds
Dual Purpose and Miniature Breeds

Fitting In With Your Farm and Family
Understanding the Temperament of Cattle
What You Can Expect
Different Strategies for Small Homesteading Families
Finding Calf or Cow to Purchase
Dairy Calves
Beef Calves

Housing and Feeding

Pens, Pasture and Shelter
The Pasture
Feed Requirements
Feeding The Calf
Winter Feeding and Bedding

Health and Care

Cattle Health and Vital Signs
Taking Notes and Barn Records
Common Diseases and Illnesses
Internal and External Parasites

Breeding, Delivery and Calf Care

Breeding for Milk Flow or Beef Calves
Signs of Heat
The Pregnancy
Awaiting Delivery
First Milk
Dairy Calf Milestones and Management
Calf Vaccinations
To Breed Again

Dairy and Milk

To Milk A Cow
Equipment and Supplies For Milking
How to Milk a Cow
Sanitizing Equipment
Prepare The Cow to Milk

The End Product

Storing and Using Milk
Preparing Cattle for the Butcher

This is a 46 page book in a medium-to-large type size that you can enlarge on your monitor if you need to, print if you’d like to, save on your computer or transfer to a CD. I would just ask that you don’t share it with anyone. Your purchase is for use by one computer only. (I keep prices low this way and your contribution assists me to keep writing reports that help people get back to the land in the healthiest and most economical manner.)

How To Order Raising Cows: A Country Girl’s Guide and How to Receive Your Purchase

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Thank you, in advance, for your time reading this and for your trust in ordering from our website. If for any reason you don’t like the ebook or it didn’t answer your questions, feel free to leave a note here or contact me personally through PayPal. I have but one rule on this website: “There are to be no unhappy customers.”

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  1. Mikel's Gravatar Mikel
    October 4, 2011 - 5:56 pm | Permalink

    First, I just wanted to say “Thank you” for a book on raising cows that is aimed at the “little” guy just wanting to raise a cow for “fun” if I may use that term. Other information that I have found has all been aimed at raising a cow as a commercial operation squeezxing every penny of profit and fun from the process.

    My suggestion to you would be to add a glossary. I’m not sure the difference between a cow and a steer. I’ve always thought they were just cows.

    I’ll also throw out use-value taxation for agricultural land, that, granted is different in probably every state, still might be worth mention from the standpoint of ask around and see if it is worth attempting to claim to save on property tax.


    April 24, 2013 - 1:53 pm | Permalink

    I am suffering of sores on head of my chickens. They close eyes and grow around the head of chicken. Please help me with remedies/medicines

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