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Watched the news lately? Specifically the news about chemical and medication residue left in the meat we buy at the grocery store?

Although most news stories have focused on the obscene feeding practices of cattle and the horrendous living conditions for poultry, I’ll hazard a guess that a large percentage of North American pigs are living in equally terrible conditions. In fact for years it has been common practice for hog growers to feed their commercial pigs something called swill. Swill is restaurant garbage – scraped off people’s plates, rotten produce emptied out of the walk-in fridges, leftover foods from the bottom of steamers and sidetables – plus goodness knows what else.

There are darn good reasons the feeding of swill is now against the law in Australia folks, but only in the last two years has the practice begun to be monitored in the United States and Canada…

When you take a good hard look at pork being sold in the grocery store you can’t help but wonder, “Why would I want to eat an animal that has been confined, unhappy, and fed garbage all his life?”


“If eating garbage makes an animal sick – sickness that hasn’t yet manifested because the animals are slaughtered so young – then what exactly am I cooking up for my family here?”

Just think about that the next time you serve hot dogs, pork chops, bacon or ham…

Think about it, but also know that there is an alternative. If you have just a little extra room on your land and 30 minutes (or less) per day, you can grow your own pork in about 5 months time.

In fact I’d like to share my methods with you on raising your own healthy, happy pork in less than 10 minutes per day, to provide you with the information you need to choose the healthiest piglet, and even save you a few dollars at the butcher (by walking you through the steps to partially preparing the meat yourself).

So, if you are absolutley sick of the way commercial meat packers have been treating the animals raised for your family’s food supply, and worried (with good reason) about the quality of the meat you consume, now is the time to get your hands on “Raising Pigs Made Easy” at 40% off our projected retail price once the launch phase has passed.

Cover of Raising Pigs Made Easy

For just a few dollars you could be reading this book within the next 5 minutes, save it to your hard drive, have access to the author (me) to ask any questions you may still have, and be on your way to raising your own pork tomorrow. Five months from today you could easily have 160 pounds or more of fresh and healthy pork – prepared a wide variety of ways – in your freezer.

About the Author: Laura Childs of GoodByeCityLife has been writing about farm life, raising animals, and getting back to the land for 10 years. She is eager to help more people realize their dream of living in the country as well as eating a healthier food supply than standard grocery stores provide.

About Raising Pigs Made Easy: A short farm booklet containing all the need-to-know information on raising a pig or two in a healthy and economical way – without taking up hours of your day on chores and barn keep.

In the instantly downloadable book you’ll learn:

  • Where to find piglets to purchase and how to choose the best one for your money.
  • Health and vaccination information.
  • Feeding practices from piglet to finishing – including protein levels for every stage of your pig’s life on the farm.
  • Housing, penning and pasturing – choosing the best option for both you and your pig as their needs change.
  • Stress free living and slaughtering practice. Stress is a major contributor to disease in all farm animals. Learn how to keep your pig happy and healthy right to the very end.
  • How to save money at the butcher shop by doing part of the work yourself.
Newest GBCL Publication - Raising Pigs Made Easy - by Laura Childs

Newest GBCL Publication
Raising Pigs Made Easy

There’s much more in this book. In short, you’ll find 25 pages of rock solid content. The Table of Contents along with the order button is below.

  • Reasons to Raise Your Own Pork
  • Introduction to the Pig
  • The Hardship of Raising A Pig
  • Choosing A Good Pig
  • Deciding On A Breed
  • Finding Piglets to Purchase
  • Spotting A Healthy Piglet
  • Pen, Pasture or a Mixture of Both?
  • A Pig Pen – Indoors or Out
  • Pen Chores
  • Inside Pen Specifics
  • Outdoor Pen Specifics
  • Bedding, Shelters, and Puddles to Play In
  • Bedding and Temperature
  • Outdoor Housing
  • Wallowing Zone
  • The Pastured Pig
  • Mentally Tethering A Pig to Home
  • What To Do If Your Pig Escapes
  • Training A Pig on Electric Fencing
  • Rotational Pasturing
  • The Temperament of Pigs
  • Meeting The Basic Needs Of A Pig
  • Water
  • Feed
  • Feed Conversion
  • Feed Quantities and Requirements
  • Health
  • Internal Parasites
  • When Pigs Have Grown
  • Paying For Removal and Slaughter
  • Doing It Yourself

If looking at that list makes you think raising a pig is hard, please know that it isn’t. I wanted to be certain that you’d have all the information you need to start tomorrow and have on-going access to the information for as long as your pig is on the farm – so I included everything you need to know.

This is a 25 page book in a medium type size that you can enlarge on your monitor if you need to, print if you’d like to, save on your computer or transfer to a CD. I would just ask that you don’t share it with anyone. Your purchase is for use by one computer only. (I keep prices low this way and your contribution assists me to keep writing reports that help people get back to the land in the healthiest and most economical manner.)

How To Order Raising Pigs Made Easy and How to Receive Your Purchase

The ordering and delivery process is 100% intuitive, but I will guide you through every step. The instructions below are for first time buyers.

  1. When you click “Buy Now” below you will be taken to our Shopping Cart (in case you wanted more than one ebook on country living today) where you will find Raising Pigs Made Easy in your basket. Payment options include: an existing PayPal account, VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  2. Clicking the Pay Now with PayPal button from your shopping cart will redirected you to PayPal’s secure server. You will see that the merchant is Smartzville and the email address you are paying is laura@goodbyecitylife.
  3. Your payment will be processed immediately. Then, (a) you will be redirected back to GoodByeCityLife where you can immediately download your purchase and (b) an email receipt from PayPal will arrive, plus an email from GoodByeCityLife with download instructions will also arrive in your inbox within seconds – this ensures that if you missed the redirect back to our site you will still be able to collect your ebook right away.
  4. If you paid by credit card you will see a $5.99 payment to ‘GOODBYECITY’ or directly to ‘PayPal’ on your credit card statement.

Thank you, in advance, for your time reading this and for your trust in ordering from our website. If for any reason you don’t like the ebook or it didn’t answer your questions, feel free to leave a note here or contact me personally through PayPal. I have but one rule on this website: “There are to be no unhappy customers.”

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