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Raising Angora Goats

GoodByeCityLife author Laura Childs has recently released a new book specifically for people interested in raising the Angora goat breed. The book, initially published on Amazon for the Kindle reading device as Angora Goats: A Country Girl’s Guide (Country Girl’s Guides), is now available for your enjoyment for the PC or MAC (your home computer) […]

Popular Goat Breeds

In doing research for my upcoming book “The Joy of Raising Goats” I’m compiling a list of the most common breeds in the United States and Canada. If you note any that I’ve missed please leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to include it. I will be adding photos and deeper descriptions […]

Buying and Raising Meat Goats

I am not from this website, but am a goat rancher up north of Napa (2 hours north of the Bay Area). You can visit our YouTube channel at Just doing some rainy day web research on goats and updating our plans for the next year today when I stumbled upon your website. We’ve […]

The Meet Up – Raising Goats on A Farm

She came into the ring, her babe at her side, looking just a little nervous, but very bright and attentive. Her coat was shiny and her eyes were bright, the baby at her side about a week old. They started the bidding and I thought, “I’ll just watch, I wonder what a goat sells for […]

Pygmy Goat – Raising and Keeping Goats

A pygmy goat can be kept for a pet, for show, for milk, meat and even mohair. They are easy to keep and only require fresh water, pygmy goat grain ration, and access to good quality hay or pasture. The amount of grain for each pygmy goat varies and is dependent upon their age, current […]

Weighing and Medicating Goats

Never Guess Your Goat’s Weight Medicating a goat isn’t a carnival trick. If you think you can guess how much a goat weighs just by comparing them in size to a member of your family – think again! Goat Health and Medications I can’t stress enough the importance of determining accurate weight before medicating an […]