Egg Incubators for Poultry

Chickens, Geese, Guinea Hens and Ducks

Incubating and hatching eggs is an exercise in patience and care that is rewarding and exciting for adults as well as children.

We’ve hatched out geese, guinea fowl, chickens, and ducks here on the farm with very few troubles in the process – except for the guineas!

Two guinea hen wander across a summer field.

The guinea hen or guinea fowl, at left, is one of the hardest to hatch with good success rate in the incubator. My advice? If you want 10 guineas, get 15 eggs.

The hardest part of any incubator hatching however, is the patient countdown to hatch day.

The most recorded cause of failure in most incubators is not the fault of the eggs or incubators, but the human controlling the process.

If you don’t have to intervene, then just stand back, count the days and let nature and the machine work it out.

Have a quick read at the Incubator Tips article and get hatching!

If you don’t have an incubator you can pick one up at a reasonable price. (Just check out some of the listings below for an idea of reasonable prices.)

These incubators might be slightly used, manufacturer’s closeouts, or a wholesale supplier’s stock – and the prices are at great savings to you.

I’ve personally been buying and selling everything this way for the past 10 years and have only ever had one problem (but eBay and PayPal returned my money quickly and easily)

If you don’t have eggs to hatch you can pick them up in the Country Store as well! I know this sounds a little odd, but as long as you’re not trying to ship eggs across international borders you’ll be fine with this. Most eggs (chickens anyway) have a shelf life of about 2 weeks before they become infertile. Egg sellers will make arrangements with you to ensure your eggs are ready to be incubated when they arrive at your door.

This is a huge timesaver if you don’t have a local source for some of the more exotic breeds of geese, ducks, chickens or guinea fowl. You can still get the birds you want, by having fertile eggs shipped to you! See the ready to be incubated egg listings here.

Buying an Egg Incubator at the Country Store

View the sample listings for incubators below, click anywhere on those samples to see the complete categorical listing.

Incubators for sale at reduced prices - many new, many with free shipping.

Egg incubator deals are updated daily in the country catalog.

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