Chicken Breeds Listing

If you’re wondering how diverse chickens can be, or how many breeds there are to choose from, then take a look at the extensive list below!

You’ll find a chicken breed list of every type, with a wide variety of plumage, sizes and even colored eggs!

The D'uccle breed - beautiful hens and roosters alike. This nice white D'Uccle hen out foraging on our pasture.Chickens are generally classed in four categories: meat birds, egg layers, novelty breeds or dual purpose.

These are just of few of the varieties I’ve discovered. If you are looking for a list of chickens for sale, or chicken eggs to hatch, visit the chickens for sale page for a few sites as well as the egg auction page. Soon, I will categorize each breed for you, and perhaps even post some photos of the most popular breeds.

Get the Right Breed of Chicken for You

To get the right breed of chicken for your purpose – whether it be for show, egg production or a meat bird – I always suggest talking to the other poultry raisers in your own area. Find out which breeds they’ve had success with given your climate, temperature, available time to devote to them, and family needs.

As an example, our farm is in a very cold climate and as such we choose the fastest growing meat birds (our warm weather season is very short) and the large black sex link for egg production (their size and color helps them attract and retain heat which means fewer heat lamp hours during our long winters here).

‘A’ Chicken Breeds

  • Ameraucana
  • Ancona
  • Andalusian
  • Antwerp Belgian
  • Appenzell
  • Araucana (lovingly called ‘Easter Eggers’, due to their pastel colored eggs)
  • Asturian Painted Hen
  • Augsburger
  • Australorp
  • Ayam Bekisar
  • Ayam Cemani

Seabright rooster looking after the hens just out of range.

‘B’ Chicken Breeds

  • Bandara
  • Barbu d’Anver
  • Barbud d’Everberg
  • Bardu de Watermaal
  • Barnevelder
  • Barred Holland
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
  • Barred Rock
  • Barthuhner
  • Berat Chicken
  • Bergische Kraeher
  • Bielefelder
  • Bigawi
  • Blomme Höna
  • Brabanter
  • Braekel
  • Brahma
  • Breda Fowl
  • Bresse
  • Brinkotter
  • Broiler
  • Buckeye
  • Buttercup

‘C’ Chicken Breeds

  • California Gray
  • Campine
  • Castellana Negra
  • Catalana
  • Chabo
  • Chantecler
  • Cochin
  • Coral
  • Cornish
  • Crevecoeur
  • Criolla
  • Cubalaya

‘D’ Chicken Breeds

  • Dandarawi
  • Delaware
  • Denizli fowl
  • Dominiques
  • Dorkings
  • d’Uccle
  • Dutch

Black Sex Link Rooster and one of his Hen mates...

‘F’ Chicken Breeds

  • Faverolles
  • Finnish
  • Friesland
  • Frizzle

‘G’ Chicken Breed

  • Gallus Domesticus (Latin term for Domestic Chicken)
  • Gallus Inauris
  • Gimmizah
  • Golden Montazah
  • Gotland
  • Gournay

‘H’ to ‘L’ Breeds

  • Hamburg
  • Hanayee
  • Hedemara Hen
  • Holland
  • Houdan
  • Jersey Giant
  • La Fleche
  • Lakenvelder
  • Lamona
  • Langshan
  • Leghorn
  • Loman

‘M’ ‘N’ and ‘O’ Chicken Breeds

  • Malay (chicken)
  • Matrouh
  • Milles Fleur (personal favorite)
  • Minorca
  • Naked Neck (Turken)
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Old English Game
  • Orpington

‘P-S’ Chicken Breeds

  • Plymouth Rock
  • Polish
  • Red Cap
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Silkie
  • Silver Montazah
  • Styrian
  • Sultan
  • Sumatra
  • Sussex
  • Swiss Hen

‘V-Z’ Chicken Breeds

  • Vorwerk
  • White-Faced Black Spanish
  • Wyandotte Chicken
    (in a variety of colors – i.e. gold wyandotte, silver wyandotte, etc.)
  • Wybar
  • Yamato Gunkei
  • Yokohama
  • Yurlower
  • Zireh E

Do you own a chicken breed that isn’t listed on this page? Please let me know!

Want more information on chickens? Keeping a backyard flock.

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    Will ducks in the same pen as the chickens prevent them from laying eggs?

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    All of my animals run together except the pigs and the peacocks. If you raise babies together the ducks will get their rump plucked off so it is not a good idea to put them together untill they are older unless they are in a really large pen. But after they are pretty much grown the ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens all run together. Right now I am getting more duck eggs than chicken eggs due to molting. Hope this is of help.

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    Is Is there a chicken that from texas? Also where can I find a place where they carry all the chicken you have listed here?

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    hi can you tell me what temperature you keep WHITE BELGIAN BARBU D’ANVER eggs at in the incubator at as this will be my first time when I get them. thanks john

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    I’m looking for Ayam Cemani Chickens I want to buy it if any one knows where I can get it please be free to email me I’m in California
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    Does anyone know where I can find La Gournay chickens in the US? they’re a rare french breed. Thanks.

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