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Help With Bee Keeping: Past the Hive Smoker

A beekeeper must keep the bees in control every time the hive is open. A typical hive can house thousands of workers all capable of stinging. There are measures a beekeeper can take in the open that he can not take in the city because of the closeness of other people. Using A Bee Keeper’s […]

Keeping Bees in A Populated Area

You can keep bees in most areas with very few problems, even in a city. Your bees will find enough pollen to feed them and produce a delicious honey crop at harvest. If you want to keep bees in a populated area, you will need to know three basics. bee biology, property rights, and human […]

Collecting Honey Combs from Your Skep

As a beekeeper just starting out it becomes a confusing hobby with all the hives, frames and bees – not to mention the honey extracting equipment. For a beekeeper with only one hive it may not cost effective to lay out the money for elaborate equipment. It is perfectly practical to enjoy the honey crop […]

How Not to Get Stung

Bee Stings Can Be Deadly. This information is mostly helpful to novice bee keepers or those just learning about the hobby and harvest of keeping bees on your property. How to Get to the Honey Combs Safely In the old days, when collecting wild honey without finesse of any sort, the first blow or intrusion […]

Introduction to Bee Keeping

Whether you are considering bees as a hobby or as a home based business, these pages should get you started in your investigation of beekeeping. We begin by covering the basics and later will cover more advanced strategies and knowledge. Getting Started in Beekeeping Most professional beekeepers began their business as a hobby. The business […]